Welcome to ComputeSource !

We are the "Official Flagship" site for a group of sites owned by ComputeSource. Some of those sites are:


We are comprised of many area. Here will soon find the ComputeSource Bible Center, job board, and a huge list of other things.

ComputeSource Broadcasting

It oversees internet radio, internet television, and will also soon provide an online store. For that reason, ComputeSource Broadcasting is already a secure site.

Sounds of the Heart Internet Radio

"Sounds for relaxing and sharing"

The radio station has variety music and a "LIVE" announcer. Soon it will have a multitude of old radio programs such as Gunsmoke, The Lone Ranger, and many others.


"It's not real TV, it's internet TV"

It has NotRealTV channels 4 and 5 for covering "LIVE" events. Many other videos are there such as news, Breaking News, topics of interest, religious, relaxing music videos, earthquake information, NOAA, FEMA, and a multitude of other items planned.
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